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Uphold Living

An Uprising on Disposable Utensils


Uphold is a Hong Kong brand founded in 2016. Our mission is to uphold the environment through the elimination of disposable utensils. We innovate in ergonomics and geometrics to create revolutionary portable and reusable designs. Our products redefine on-the-go lifestyle and are not only stylish but also functional and sustainable.



Uphold 是一個始於2016年的香港品牌。我們的使命是透過消除一次性器具來捍衛大自然。我們透過在幾何學及人體工學上的創新創做革新的便攜及可重用設計。我們為流動式生活重新定義,煥發出不僅時尚而且實用及合乎可持續概念的產品。

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