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The World needs no changing – We do

Eravolution is a studio for industrial design and innovations. We believe that the future is about bringing positive changes to daily lives without causing negative changes to the environment. Our studio discovers design solutions through engaging in scientific research and the understanding of nature’s systems. We challenge the preconception of design by derogating the importance of ‘style’ in pursuit of a new concept for beauty, functionality, and sustainability. The studio was founded 2010 in London and now based in Hong Kong. Our work is positioned as Hong Kong design influenced by a synthesis of oriental cultures and occidental design principles.

Our business includes consultancy service in the field of product design and innovation. We also develop and produce our own-brand products.

We founded product brand madethisera in 2020 to market our commercialised products and other collaborating Hong Kong designs to the public.

要改變的 – 是我們而非世界


我們的業務包括產品設計及創新領域的諮詢服務。 我們也開發和生產自己的品牌產品。 


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