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Uphold 杯子 240ML (Sprout 芽萌)

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Uphold Cup is folding and reusable, designed for contemporary lifestyles where the call for reduction in disposable plastics gives rise to portable beverage containers. The cup can carry drinks from freezing to boiling temperatures without discomfort to hold. It is collapsed to pocket-size for portability ideal for bag-free casual go-greeners.

L100 x W90 x H105mm Opened
L100 x W90 x H30mm Collapsed
Product Gross Weight
106g / Product Net Weight (inc. Case): 84g
Polypropylene (PP); Silicone; Aluminium Alloy

  • The cup materials have passed SGS tests to achieve food grade standard and are all BPA free.
  • The cup can carry beverages of up to 100°C in temperature.
  • The cup’s unique geometry reduces surface contact with the user’s hand to reduce discomfort caused by hot beverage.
  • The cup uses polymer Polypropylene (PP) as its body material which is relative stiff and can prevent spillage of beverage due to deformation.
  • The cup interior is smooth and seamless for ease of cleaning.

  • Uphold是一個摺疊式可重用杯子,隨著現代生活對即棄塑膠的否定及便虧容器的普及而面世。杯子可盛載溫度由冰冷至沸騰的飲料,設計卻不會凍或燙手。收合後尺寸袖珍,適合一眾簡樸輕便的綠色人士。

    長100 x 寬90 x 高105mm 打開狀態
    長100 x 寬90 x 高30mm 收合狀態
    106克 / 產品净重(连铝盖):84克

  • 杯子物料皆通過SGS食用級別測試,不含BPA。
  • 杯子能盛載100°C高溫的飲料。
  • 杯子獨特形狀減少使用者手持杯子的接觸面另盛載高溫飲料時不會燙手。
  • 杯子採用相對剛硬的聚丙烯(PP)塑膠作為杯身物料,使杯身不會因變形而另飲品溢出。
  • 杯子內部表面光滑處理方便清洗。
  • Specification

    Width: 100
    Depth: 90
    Height: 105
    Style: Modern


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