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A & D Furniture Design

A & D furniture products adopt advanced technology for production to provide customers with a healthy and comfortable living environment.

In the home industry, we are the first to introduce "electrostatic powder spraying technology", also known as "environmentally friendly powder spraying technology". All furniture products are produced by this technology, which can fully evaporate harmful substances in furniture, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC, in the production process, making it more odorless, harmless and safe than ordinary furniture. This "electrostatic powder spraying technology" makes the furniture moisture-proof, wear-resistant, scratchy, strong, colorful, and more practical. To provide customers with a healthy and comfortable and safe living environment.

With a rich color system, the powder is easier to mix than paint and can be accurately calculated. Designed for the customers, this system along with our VR  systems show the most real simulation space to the customers.

Also, we provide 1 to 1 personal service, letting you to dive into the design faster than others. 
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